Monday, December 29, 2008

This Headline

GOP reaction divided over controversial Obama song

Pretty much says everything you need to say about the modern GOP, doesn't it?

To their credit, *most* of them are smart enough to distance themselves from this, but a couple are actually trying to defend it as "political satire."

Oh, and the song originated with Rush Limbaugh. Shocker.

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Johannes said...

What I find revealing is that Mike Duncan seems more concerned with loosing voters than the inappropriateness of racial slurs. As a European I'm also always amazed that when someone is at least half white that they are still almost exclusively called African-American when it would be equally justifiable and *silly* to call them European-American. Obama is of mixed race and *not* an African-American. His European genes are no less nor more important than his African ones. In any case, I hope that most of us agree that we have to get away from a person's skin colour and that we need to focus on their skills, behaviour and track record instead.