Friday, December 12, 2008

Blog Update for November 2008

This is the latest monthly update to the right column of the blog, updating my favorite comics and TV for the previous month. The listings are alphabetical, not by rank of how much I liked them in comparison. My criteria for what makes the list is when I read them, not necessarily when they were published. This is basically also my own records of what I read/liked for the inevitable "End of Year" lists I feel like making.

With the disappointing solicits for Dark Reign, this might be the last month that Marvel dominates this strongly. Honestly, given that DC is still sucking the life out of the room, it might also be the last month I manage even close to a Top 20, unless the indie guys can really step it up. But this month, there are 6 Marvel (One actually a Secret Invasion tie-in, the rest clear of that particular crapfest), 5 Dark Horse (The only four issue ones on the list), 3 Image, 3 Boom! and 2 DC (both making it on the strength of it being a weak month).

Finished the second Song of Ice & Fire novel this month, and I'm hoping to start the third one in December. Caught up on a bunch of TV, though. The Daily Show is back in daily rotation, and I'm really enjoying it lately... clearly the election of an actually competent man hasn't hurt them too badly. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles is one of my favorite shows and, aside from the "Self-Made Man" episode, this month continued to impress. The Shield finished on an amazing note. Still really loving Chuck, and the three-parter with his ex-girlfriend was particularly good. How I Met Your Mother finally regained some of its funny, especially with the "Naked Man" episode. And The Office and 30 Rock continue to delight as well. Always Sunny was, overall, a disappointing season, but it was still funny enough. Oh! And the new Brave and Bold is a ton of fun.

I've been spending wayyy too much time reading RSS feeds lately, so it was time to do some pruning. Blog@Newsarama and Comics Foundry both folded, and the new Blog@ team hasn't won me over, so I'll check in more casually until they do. Newsarama and CBR seem to carry much the same stories as far as news, and feature content rarely interests me, so I'll keep Newsarama for the daily comics scan, and The Beat for the more widespread (and snarky) comics news.

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