Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - February 6 & 13, 2008

Wow, I've been really bad keeping up with these, and I still haven't done the monthly update for January, either. Soon, I hope.

American Virgin #23 (The final issue. *sob* Really sad to see this go, really excited to see the ending)
Battle Royale Ultimate Ed HC Vol 2 (Hooray! More ultraviolence! And sex! I've read all of this before, of course, but I'm glad to get it in swanky hardcover form)
Jellaby Vol 1 TP (New all-ages full-color graphic novel by Kean Soo, right on the heels of Kazu Kibuishi's impressive Amulet Vol. 1)
Nova Annual #1 (Loving Nova, looking forward to seeing the artists here, but hoping that Mahmud Asrar doesn't leave Dynamo 5 to go to Marvel full-time)
X-Factor #28 (Fantastic issue, has moved me from casual reader to follower of the title)

Atomic Robo #5 (More fun science + punchy action with really nice art)
Bprd 1946 #2 (Ditto, only set in World War II)
DMZ #28 (Kind of ready for a longer arc, but these one-shots have been interesting at least)
Foundation #2 (Conspiracy based on following Nostradamus's theories. I really loved the first issue, and I'm anxious to see the follow-up)
Suicide Squad Raise The Flag #6 (Wish I loved this more, but I'm still reading it, at any rate)
Tiny Titans #1 (Unbelievably cute all-ages elementary school teen titans book)
X-Force #1 (Surprisingly decent action comic)

Comics for February 5, 2008

Fables #69 (Fantastic ending of the best story of the series thus far)
Amulet Vol 1 Stonekeeper (Beautiful and engaging new all-ages adventure/fantasy comic from Kazu Kibuishi and Scholastic)
Abe Sapien The Drowning #1 (Stunning Jason Alexander art, intriguing story of Abe's first solo field work)
Annihilation Conquest #4 (Continues to be awesome cosmic spectacle with great character work as well)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer #11 (Another strong Whedon issue introducing the big bad and featuring more great Xander/Buffy stuff)

Darkness #2 (Decent follow-up, I remain mildly interested)
Nightwing #141 (Very good foundation issue for the new creative team)
Northlanders #3 (Best issue of the Viking story so far)
Teen Titans Year One #2 (Loved this one, spectacular art by Kerschl)
True Story Swear To God Image Ed #10 (9-11 and a marriage proposal... big stuff in this issue!)
Uncanny X-Men #495 (Pretty solid first issue of the post-Messiah Complex run)
Warhammer Forge Of War #5 (Nice doomed ending)
Bakers Babies & Kittens HC (Fun, if lightweight, with great cartooning)
Batman False Faces HC (Early Vaughan work on Batman, pretty good stuff)
Jumper Jumpscars TP (Prequel to the upcoming film, but I found myself hard-pressed to care about the characters, and Hurtt's artwork wasn't as spectacular here as it was on The Damned)
Marvel Adventures Iron Man Vol 2 Digest (Stealth armor, space armor and great stories in this all-ages Iron Man tome)
Gyakushu Vol 2 (Action manga from the art half of Amazing Joy Buzzards)
Pantheon High Vol 2 (Second volume of the gods in high school story by Paul Benjamin)

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