Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Little De-Bunking

There have been plenty of folks who have called Obama an empty suit, a charismatic speaker with no policies. The answer to that can be found on his website, where he outlines the issues and his plans for some of them. If you want more, read his book, The Audacity of Hope, which is as good as his speeches, but because of its nature, offers a lot more policy and procedural specifics as well.

Then there's Dave Sim. Semi-famous for creating the 300-issue self-published opus Cerebus, more famous for fucking up that opus with increasingly paranoid rants about the feminist-homosexual axis. Here's a well-researched essay by Smith Michaels over at Blurred Productions explaining why Sim is full of it.


Roy said...

Thanks for the link, Randy.

Mostly I think the people who say that Obama has no policies are just lazy. In this internets age it is easily for a politician to have a million+ policies, they can just stick them all on the website.

Suzanne said...

Dude. Sim's schizophrenic. No one's ever going to win an argument with him because he doesn't live in the same world the rest of us live in. It's like worrying about the politics and views of the guy in the overcoat at the bus stop who's murmuring about how the government has put a chip in his head.

Instead of trying to refute him, more people just need to understand that he's not describing the world as it is, he's giving us examples of his need to put people in little boxes so he'll understand why we do the things we do.