Friday, June 02, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - June 8, 2006:

There was absolutely nothing in Marvel or DC First Look that interested me. And I haven't seen the Image First Looks yet.

52 Week #5 (Still reading, but the low-key writing style of the whole thing is really boring)
Action Philosophers Vol 1 Giant Sized Thing Tp (I've liked what I read of this small press book, and $7 for a trade is a great price)
Bprd Universal Machine #3 (One of my favorite titles, glad to see it given my general disappointment in comics the last few weeks)
Detective Comics #820 (The last issue of Batman stumbled with an overlong focus on Two-Face, hopefully this penultimate chapter will regain the strength of the earlier ones)
Dmz Vol 1 On The Ground Tp (I've been up and down on this book, but more up than down, and I'll definitely pick up this $10 trade)
GI Joe Declassified #1 (Larry Hama writes the origin of G.I. Joe, which still pushes my nostalgia buttons)
Grease Monkey Gn (Entertaining science-fiction that I first sampled years ago, delighted and surprised to see the trade coming out)
Hector Plasm De Mortuis One Shot (This is late, but this story of ghostbusting adventurers sounded like fun)
Invincible #32 (Looks like Kirkman is ready to fire off another spate of his continually-late books. Now if only we could get the very, very late second hardcover out)
Noble Causes #20 (Been a little while since we saw this one, but I'm still enjoying the story)
Star Wars Legacy #0 (Very much looking forward to this, an original creation in the Star Wars universe by two creators who are, frankly, more talented than it deserves, John Ostrander and Jan Duursema)
Superman Returns Krypton To Earth (Curious about this one too. I'm very much looking forward to Superman Returns)
Walking Dead #28 (I've been waiting for more of this one too... this probably means the Walking Dead hardcover will be delayed as well. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be out in time for San Diego, at least)
Wonder Woman #1 (I'm curious about this, but mostly I'm annoyed that it's another factor in why Young Avengers has been delayed)

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