Friday, June 16, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - June 21, 2006:

This looks like a spectacularly good week. Two trades I've been anxiously anticipating, several once-in-a-blue-moon series are releasing issues and a lot of my favorites in the mix, not to mention a number of first issues with great potential.

Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol 2 Tp (Fun, great art, I've really missed seeing new issues. Hope this isn't the last we see of this book)
Annihilation Nova #3 (Still hoping Drax's annoying teen sidekick gets fried, but in every other way, this is now the best of the Annihilation books. Quasar and Nova both get to be badasses while still acting like superheroes, the action is on a big scale and the art is solid)
Captain America #19 (Good art, good storytelling, I can't help but enjoy this book. Though I'd actually *buy* it if it were SHIELD, instead of Captain America, who doesn't feel at home in this morally-compromised, more real espionage world Brubaker is writing)
Ex Machina #21 (This is my least favorite of Vaughan's books, which still makes it one of the best books published today)
Fear Agent Vol 1 Reignition Tp (Given the unfinished nature of the story, this seems a weird stopping point for a trade)
Marvel Adventures Avengers #2 (The Leader seems like a great Avengers foe... surprised it took this long to really see it. It says something about Marvel or me (probably both) that this is probably going to be my favorite Marvel book for the week. See, Bendis, *this* is how you make Wolverine in the Avengers work!)

110 Per Cent Gn (Tony Consiglio's full graphic novel for Top Shelf)
All Star Superman #4 (Long wait between issues, but each one is a delight, worth the wait)
Birds Of Prey #95 (More of my favorite DC superhero book)
Casanova #1 (Been looking forward to this Fraction/Ba action/sci-fi comic for a while)
Conan #29 (The Mike Mignola-written issues begin)
Eternals #1 (Neil Gaiman/John Romita Jr... looks potentially interesting)
Fallen Angel #6 (Just barely still reading this book... I need a different artist)
Flash The Fastest Man Alive #1 (The success of Wonder Woman #1 has me more excited to read this one)
Giant Size Hulk #1 (Worth noting that this reprints Hulk: The End)
Love And Capes #1 (The buzz on this indy superhero/romance has been good)
Love As A Foreign Language #5 (Glad to see a new volume of this cross-cultural romance book)
Manhunter #23 (Stay of execution is great, more trades would be even better)
Marvel Westerns Outlaw Files (I'll probably pick this up, if only because it's such a weird project... Marvel Universe for cowboys!)
Naoki Urasawas Monster Vol 3 (Liking this, not loving it... needs to hook me fast for me to stay onboard for a long mega-volume series)
Noble Causes #21 (Wow, new issue right on top of the most recent one after a period of missing issues... is this the new Image version of lateness?)
Shadowpact #2 (First issue was solid and fun, looking forward to seeing more)
Star Wars Legacy #1 (Tons of great background info in the #0, glad to see this coming out so soon)
Star Wars Rebellion #3 (Pretty fun so far, a nice extension of Star Wars: Empire)
Superman Returns Lex Luthor (No new info in any of the one-shots yet, but solid stories in every one)
Ultimates 2 #11 (Like All-Star, a long wait... unlike All-Star, I don't particularly look forward to it... but I am reading it again)
X Isle #1 (Boom! has made a ton of TV/movie-worthy new comics of late)

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