Friday, June 09, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - June 14, 2006:

American Virgin #4 (Continues to be entertaining, full of surprises and great art)
Annihilation Super Skrull #3 (I'm sort of lukewarm on most of the Annihilation books at this point, but they're solid B- books)
Marvel Westerns Two Gun Kid (Very entertaining short story that ties into modern She-Hulk continuity, hope it's collected in the She-Hulk trades as a result)
She-Hulk Vol 3 Time Trials Tp (I wasn't entirely sure I was going to buy this, based on Civil War driving me from Marvel, but I think I'll pick it up, based on how much I liked this story and the Two-Gun Kid book this week... this may be the last She-Hulk trade I buy, however)

Aliens Predator Panel To Panel Tp (The Star Wars Panel-to-Panel was a great look at why Dark Horse are the go-to guys for licensing, this one will probably be a visual treat for Aliens and Predator fans)
DMZ #8 (The latest story arc is probably the strongest the book has been)
Ex Machina Special #2 (The flashback tale of Mitchell's superhero days continues... or concludes, I can't remember which)
Exiles #82 (Still digging the World Tour story)
Fables #50 (Wow, great week... three Vertigo books, including my favorite current ongoing series)
Fear Agent #5 (Shame to lose Moore on art, but Opena seems a good replacement, and the book is still blue-collar sci-fi fun)
Superman Returns Ma Kent (I liked the first one-shot, and I'm interested in this one... but the title makes it sound like Superman stole Ma Kent)
Supermarket #3 (Fantastic sci-fi/dark comedy/crime/action series by Wood and artist Kristian)
The Drowners Tp (I've heard a lot about Nabiel Kanan, might be time to try his stuff out)
Ursa Minors #1 (Warriors in armored bear suits... now *that's* a high concept)

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