Friday, June 30, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - July 6, 2006:

Beyond #1 (Interesting start, with a surprise cliffhanger raising more than a few questions. Hope folks give this one a chance)
BPRD The Black Flame TP (Glad to see more of the BPRD in trade... one of my favorite series)
Essential OHOTMU Deluxe Vol. 3 TP (This has also been a terrific use of the format)
Fables Vol 7 Arabian Nights And Days TP (One of the best Fables stories in a long line of them... looks like a good week for trades)
Invincible Vol 2 Ultimate Coll HC (Finally! I'm off and on with this book, but these deluxe hardcovers are super-swanky)
Marvel Westerns Kid Colt And Arizona Girl (Fun lead story with a Marvel-centric twist... maybe I'll wind up picking up the Marvel Westerns collection)
Occult Crimes Taskforce #1 (Secret NYPD unit protects and serves from magical threats. Surprisingly good, with nice photo-real art)
Uncanny X-Men #475 (Not bad. Tan's art is passable, although I'm not crazy about his '90s Image tendencies, and I don't really like all the recent continuity bits being referred to, but despite a number of minor complaints, I have to say it's a solid first issue)

BPRD Universal Machine #4 (Continuing the quest to return Roger to the land of the living, among other things)
Conan & The Songs Of The Dead #1 (Lansdale and Truman, together again, and on Conan... sounds good)
Dark Horse Twenty Years (25 cents for an all-star lineup on Dark Horse characters)
Death Jr Vol 2 #1 (First series was great, expecting good things from the second one)
Detective Comics #821 (Paul Dini's run on the character begins)
Devi #1 (Curious to check out the Virgin comics line-up)
Flight Vol 3 TP (Loved the first two volumes of this color anthology)
Goon #18 (Always enjoyable)
Hack Slash Hard Slice (25 cents to sample a fun, original concept... worth a look)
Old Boy Vol 1 (Haven't seen the movie, but I've heard good things, I'll check this out at some point)
Rising Stars Of Manga Vol 6 (The Rising Stars of Manga I've read had some good stories in it)
Secret Six #2 (Running late, and the first issue was only so-so, but it's Simone, so I'll still be checking it out)
Talent #2 (This had a good opener, curious to see where they go from here)
Thing #8 (Final issue. *sniff* But it's a big 'ol Texas Hold 'Em game in the Marvel Universe by Dan Slott, three of my favorite things)
Transformers Evolutions Hearts Of Steel #1 (Transformers in the Old West by Chuck Dixon... should be entertaining)
Y The Last Man #47 (Always great)

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