Thursday, December 28, 2017

Best of 2017 - Top 10 Ongoing Comics

In terms of ongoing favorites, there wasn't a lot of change this year. Half of them were on last year's favorites, the other half were on last year's favorite new series. There will be more change next year, as four of my favorite Marvel series (Amazing Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Sam Wilson, and Moon Knight) are either over, ending, or changing creative teams. These lists are my favorites, based on a reading almost 600 single issues for the year (last year it was closer to 500), and access to more than that.

Last year, Image had 2 of my top 10, and Marvel had the other 8. This year, Marvel has 7, Image still has 2, and Dark Horse has 1. So for all the griping I see online about Marvel, I remain a fan of what they're doing, and I expect the changes under CB Cebulski to be good ones. 

Last year, Amazing Spider-Man had 17 issues, but most of them didn't hit 12. This year, All-New Wolverine hit 12, Amazing Spider-Man hit more than that (with renumbering thrown in), and Hawkeye hit 11.
  1. Ms. Marvel #14-25 (Last Year: #1 on my Best Ongoing Series)
  2. Kill or Be Killed #5-14 (Last Year: #3 on my Best New Series)
  3. Champions #4-15 (Last Year: #4 on my Best New Series)
  4. All-New Wolverine #16-28 (Last Year: #5 on my Best Ongoing Series)
  5. Amazing Spider-Man #23-793 (Last Year: #4 on my Best Ongoing Series)
  6. Black Hammer Annual #1, #7-13 (Last Year: #7 on my Best New Series)
  7. Hawkeye #2-13
  8. Saga #42-48 (Last Year: #7 on my Best Ongoing Series)
  9. Captain America Sam Wilson #17-24 (Last Year: #2 on my Best Ongoing Series)
  10. Moon Knight #10-14 (Last Year: #5 on my Best New Series)
Of the series in my Top 10, five of them (Ms. Marvel, All-New Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man, Saga, Captain America Sam Wilson) were also in 2016's Best Ongoing Series (and Saga, Ms. Marvel, and Amazing Spider-Man were on my 2016 Ongoing Series too), and four of them (Kill or Be Killed, Champions, Black Hammer, Moon Knight) were in my Best New Series of 2016. Only one of them (Hawkeye) was too new to judge, with only one issue out last year.

Also in the running: Captain America Steve Rogers #9-19, New Super Man #7-18, Thanos #3-12, Daredevil #15-27, Descender #18-24, Doctor Strange #16-24, and Motor Girl #3-6.

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