Friday, December 15, 2017

Best of 2017 - Food

Last year I ate out about 300 times. This year it was a little over 300.

I'm not qualified to be a food critic, but I did eat a lot of food and I do have opinions. So here are my top 10 favorites, the ones that are accessible, affordable *and* delicious enough that I went there numerous times during the year. My list of favorites is mostly down to how many times I went there, with a little fudging.

  1. Easy Tiger
  2. Velvet Taco
  3. Home Slice Pizza
  4. Hopdoddy's
  5. Deckhand Oyster Bar
  6. Opal Divine's
  7. Black Star Co-Op
  8. Michi Ramen
  9. Jack Allen's Kitchen
  10. New Fortune Chinese
                                  I also kept track of where I ate lunch this year, and these are my favorites, based on how often I ate there. It's not just quality of food, here, but also closeness to work, where I'm usually eating lunch.

                                  Lunch Favorites:
                                  1. Torchy's Tacos 
                                  2. Wendy's
                                  3. Popeye's
                                  4. Vera Cruz
                                  5. McDonald's
                                  6. Pei Wei
                                  7. Whataburger
                                  8. P. Terry's
                                  9. Shake Shack
                                  10. Firehouse Subs
                                  11. Juarez Mexican Bakery
                                  12. Tarka
                                  13. Hoodie's Subs
                                  14. Mod Pizza
                                  15. Fuddrucker's
                                                                          Then there were the places that I ate at once or twice, due to either it's location (downtown especially) or price. This list is purely down to my favorites, where I'd eat if location and price were no object.

                                                                          Rare Treats:
                                                                          1. Valentina's Tex-Mex BBQ
                                                                          2. Kula Revolving Sushi
                                                                          3. Batch Craft Beer + Kolaches
                                                                          4. Franklin BBQ
                                                                          5. Gus's Fried Chicken
                                                                          6. Uchiko
                                                                          7. Kemuri Tatsu-Ya
                                                                          8. Peached Tortilla
                                                                          9. Lucy's Fried Chicken
                                                                          10. JT Youngblood's
                                                                          11. Haymaker
                                                                          12. Thai Kun
                                                                          13. A+A Cafe
                                                                          14. Sawyer & Co.
                                                                          15. Wu Chow
                                                                                                        I didn't manage to get back to French Quarter Grille, Odd Duck, or TNT Tacos & Tequila after two years away... I need to fix that. This year I didn't go to Salt & Time, Fogo de Chao, or Terry Black's BBQ even though they were on the list for last year.

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