Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Weekly Comics for January 6, 2010

BPRD King of Fear #1 (Spectacular artwork as always, fun to see Bruno again and I love the bureaucratic/political interference from the government.)

Mass Effect: Redemption #1 (Interesting enough, but a little hard to follow. Then again, I haven't finished the first game, or indeed played it in a long while, so maybe I'm just not remembering enough about the world. Not real friendly to those who don't already know the world and its characters, though.)

Stumptown #2 (Really liked it, but the outside factors of a two month wait for the issue (with no explanation) and seeing it turned from an ongoing to a four-issue mini have me disappointed more than anything. I thought this was going to be a favorite new series in 2010, something to stand with Criminal, but that's clearly not going to be the case.)

Sweet Tooth #5 (Wow. Brutal ending to the first arc, and Lemire's artwork continues to impress, especially the unconventional staging of the big climactic fight scene with Jefferd and the militia.)

Also bought today: Young Avengers HC, Thor Ages of Thunder HC, Missile Mouse Volume 1, Kazu Kibuishi's Copper, The Unwritten Vol 1 TP


Trip said...

I thought that Rucka always maintained that Stumptown was going to be an ongoing series but that there would be breaks between each arc?

Randy said...

Hmm... possibly, but the (of 4) tag was added later in the run, and combined with the lateness of the second issue, it's made me a little nervous about the book.

Trip said...

I'm also a tad concerned about the 2nd issue not shipping on time. I thought that Rucka was trying to avoid Q&C like delays with this series.

Greg McElhatton said...

For what it's worth, I'd also heard several times that Stumptown is a series of mini-series, with planned gaps between stories to try and help the schedule.