Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Weekly Comics for September 2, 2009

Agents of Atlas #10 (Terrific, maybe the best the book has been since it launched. I'm loving the Terror of the Jade Claw arc)

Batman #690 (I've been enjoying this, but thought this was a weaker issue, and the action scenes were kind of meh)

Chew #4 (Just keeps getting weirder... and I just keep loving it more)

Dead Run #4 (Still great art, nice action, but I'm a little disappointed in the happy ending, which feels tonally inconsistent with the rest of the book)

Incognito #6 (Finishes strong, and though it's not up there with Sleeper for me, it's a great read. I'm really looking forward to the return of Criminal, though)

Sweet Tooth #1 (A fantastic opener, moody and engaging with beautiful art by Lemire. I thought this might be a little weird and off-putting, but instead it's strange in a very compelling way)

Strange Tales #1 (Some funny stuff, some nice art... the Paul Pope story is the standout, but Dash Shaw's "poison soup" gag is what made me laugh the loudest)

Witchfinder #3 (I'm still liking it, but it's more in that Abe Sapien/Lobster Johnson realm, not as must-read as BPRD and Hellboy itself for me)

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Jim B. said...

Lemire is knocking me out. "Compelling" is just the right adjective for this first issue; can't wait to read the next.
I'm re-reading The Nobody right now, and loving it. It's like a perfect Twilight Zone episode -- deep characterization and social commentary, with an unearthly flavor. So, so good.