Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekly Comics for September 10, 2009

BPRD 1947 #3 (Otherwise titled, "How not to fight vampires" - nice creepy scenes in this one)

Hellboy The Wild Hunt #6 (Well, that's a pretty notable revelation about Hellboy's origin... one I like a lot, too. And Fegredo's art continues to amaze)

Incredible Hercules #134 (One of the funniest (and most fun) comics I've read all year, Herc in Asgard is turning out to be one of the best stories this very good book has seen)

The Marvels Project #2 (Should work, but I'm just not feeling the vibe. Think I'm out)

Models, Inc. #1 (Not as fun as I'd hoped, but it's still kind of fun seeing these various model characters together, and it's a different type of comic than the one Marvel usually produces)

Nomad #1 (Giving Rikki Barnes a new spin, this is good solid superhero stuff with very nice artwork)

Red Robin #4 (Seems to be back on track after last issue, and I like that Red Robin is actually making progress in his search)

Superman: World of New Krypton #7 (It's a really good read... not sure it's worth derailing the rest of the Superman books without their main character, but I'm liking this one)

The Unwritten #5 (Wow. A great standalone featuring Rudyard Kipling and Samuel Clemens, a really scary spotlight on the bad guys of the book and a further underscoring that it's much more ambitious than "What If Harry Potter was a real boy?" Loving this book, the best thing Vertigo has produced in years)

War of Kings Who Will Rule (Nice coda to the War of Kings stuff, and it definitely feels like they've handed the entirety of Marvel space over to Abnett and Lanning, which I heartily approve of)

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