Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Weekly Comics for August 5, 2009

Agents of Atlas #9 (I've been enjoying the Dark Reign Agents of Atlas, but these last couple issues seem to have kicked into the same gear I enjoyed in the miniseries, and the "Terror of the Jade Claw" has real potential)

Captain America Reborn #2 (It's well-crafted and all, but the "unstuck in time" stuff with Steve Rogers seems a jarring fit with the world Brubaker has created, and I find myself increasingly tuning out of the book)

Chew #3 (Amelia Plintz is another great character with another weird "power" and Chew continues to look like the book to beat for the "Best New Title of 2009")

Superman World of New Krypton #6 (There's a reverse Star Trek rule going on with me and this book... I like the odd-numbered issues, and I'm a little cooler on the even numbered ones)

War of Kings #6 (Another big setup for more cosmic Marvel stuff done very well by Abnett, Lanning and company)

Witchfinder: In The Service of Angels #2 (Like somebody mixed up the best parts of British Victorian adventure and Hellboy... good stuff)


Arvind Kaushal said...

How come noone is reviewing THe Marvels Project? In anycase I thought it was mediocre. Which is too bad because the team seemed to be awesome.

Randy said...

It's not supposed to be out until next week. Some stores got it early this week so they could throw Tuesday night Marvel 70th Anniversary parties next week, but if they sold it this week, that's not really what they were supposed to do.