Monday, August 03, 2009

Sketches from San Diego 2009

Not too many sketches this year, but the ones I got I'm very happy with. The first three are in Katy's new sketchbook, started at San Diego last year.

Mark and Abby from Love and Capes by Thom Zahler:

Hawkman by Chris Giarrusso:

Bone (and Ted) by Jeff Smith:

This one is the lone addition to the theme sketchbook this year. I'm a big fan of Ullman's work, and I hadn't ever met him, so it was a really pleasant surprise to see him in Artist's Alley. Not only is this a great sketch, I also picked up his hardcover full-color artbook Atom Bomb Bikini, which I highly recommend. You can see more from Rob at his website.

Pirate Girl by Rob Ullman:

And this was the lone addition to my regular sketchbook. I forgot to buy Samnee's sketchbook from him when I got this, and never ran into him at the show again.

Iron Fist by Chris Samnee:

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