Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Is anybody else feeling like maybe the world is in a death spiral of doom and gloom?

In the past few weeks, several of my friends have lost their jobs. Great jobs, jobs that they loved, and jobs that they were great at and worked hard at. Meanwhile, the shitheels who got us into this mess are making huge bonuses and continue to run the government.

I know of several friends who are dealing with the insanity of our current health insurance "system" and yet it seems that actual reform is being tied up by a congress largely bought and paid for by the various health insurance lobbies.

And pretty much every day, someone is posting on the Internet about how the direct market, the industry that *I work in*, is either dead and/or dying.

Combine with all the usual human foibles and bullshit that shows up daily on the news, and I'm even finding it hard to laugh along with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report anymore. These days, it's more like dark humor about how fucked up the whole thing has gotten.

I would like for a lot of really good things to happen to the various people in my life, and a lot of very bad things to happen to the corrupt mother-fuckers who run our country (and the corporations who own them). Just putting that out there for the universe to process.


Johannes said...

Hi Randy,

Feeling your pain with you! I, too am unemployed. Being a European living in your country I am also upset with the health insurance "system" here. I wish they would just find the most efficient European system with universal coverage and duplicate it. From what I understand, the German system, the one I am used to, is costing about half as much per insured person but provides much better coverage. Part of your problem is the near-religious belief that the "free" market is always better than a government system that many Americans seem to subscribe to. Of course that you have legalised bribery in the form of campaign contributions to individuals (in my country you can only give money to a political party) is a big part of the problem. I really feel sorry for the millions of Americans that have to suffer because of the ignorance and corruption that seem to rule this country. Unfortunately, I hold out little hope because here the people making the political decisions are clearly not "we the people" but the corporations and their disinformation machinery. :(

Justin said...

Hi Randy,

Was struck by your mention of Stewart and Colbert. Was watching the other day and it just didn't seem to have the same kick, because it was all TRUE. I heard smoeone drop this gem and it stuck with me: "The absurdity is now so normal, I no longer find it absurd."