Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Weekly Comics - May 6, 2009

Post Free Comic Book Day, a great week for new comics:

Agents of Atlas #4 (My head's spinning with all the info coming out this book, but I suspect I'll like it even better in trade)

Atomic Robo Beyond the Shadow of Time #1 (In the '20s, Robo teams up with Charles Fort and HP Lovecraft to help deal with something that started during the 1908 Tunguska explosion. SOLD.)

Fin Fang Four Returns #1 (One of those fantastic, fun, beautifully illustrated comics that way too few people will read. Scott Gray and Roger Langridge take a goofy concept and run it through about five short stories, all of them hilariously funny and laden with references to the Marvel Universe for the fans)

New Avengers The Reunion #3 (I'm digging McCann's take on two of my favorite characters, and I really love the Lopez artwork. Hope to see more of these characters from these creators in the future)

New Mutants #1 (Good opener. Great art. Fun to see the old team back together, it feels like the graduation they were denied by the general shittiness of '90s Marvel.)

Power Girl #1 (A little too much bloody mayhem on the villain's part for my taste, but Power Girl, her new secret ID and especially that stunning Amanda Connor art, will bring me back for a second issue)

Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #2 (A strange, yet beautiful, off-beat superhero tale. Now I remember why I liked this book enough to buy the first volume)

Superman World of New Krypton #3 (Surprisingly, Superman the super-cop on Krypton is a story that works for me, and Pete Woods is doing great stuff on art. I'm not real into the Action Comics/Superman books right now, but World of New Krypton has my attention)

War of Kings #3 (F'in spectacular cosmic action, as ever. Nice use of the Guardians, and this may be my favorite use of the Inhumans ever)


Karl Ruben said...

Re. Atomic Robo: Should that be "Charles Fort"?

Randy said...

Yep, it should be. Brain fart on my part. Fixed. Thanks!