Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weekly Comics - May 13, 2009

BPRD The Black Goddess #6 (Great finale, stunning artwork... and a cliffhanger ending which won't resolve until 2010. Bastards.)

Dark Reign Young Avengers #1 (What is it with the dark books this week? The atrocities in here are lightweight compared to Walking Dead or GI Joe Cobra, but it's still kinda bleak. And yet... still sort of darkly funny, and these new Masters of Evil-ly looking "Young Avengers" are as potentially interesting as the last batch of characters)

GI Joe Cobra #3 (Damn. This is, in ways, an even darker portrayal of undercover than Sleeper. I like Joe, and I like Chuckles, but even if I didn't, this would be a favorite read)

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1 (Lots of fun, features Colleen Coover art and kind of a nifty premise involving the Infinity Gems, not to mention a new origin for the Thunder Frog that keeps him a going concern instead of a one-off story in Thor)

Umbrella Academy Dallas #6 (OK, now I need to read the trade so I can fully understand what happened. But this was amazingly beautiful, incredibly written and easily one of the most original and fun comics on the stands. Glad to hear series three is coming. Sorry MCR fans, but I want the band to break up so Gerard Way can write comics full-time)

The Unknown #1 (Loved this, one of my favorite first issues in a while. Waid's characters are great, his modern day detective stuff as arresting as his period work on Ruse, and, as with Boom!'s Unthinkable this week... great art)

Unthinkable #1 (A great opener for this conspiracy tale, with beautiful looking art.)

The Unwritten #1 (A solid, interesting opener with terrific art by Peter Gross. Not quite as enthralled yet as I have been with my favorite Vertigo series, but more interested than I've been in any Vertigo first issue in a while)

Walking Dead #61 (Jesus Christ, Kirkman. I want to like this book, but I'm beginning to feel like I'm reading a snuff comic.)

War of Kings Ascension #2 (Deconstructing Darkhawk. Should be terrible, is instead mostly meh with moments of "hmm, interesting." Not up to the standards of the rest of the War of Kings stuff Abnett & Lanning are doing, but not too bad if you're a Marvel cosmic completist, and it does seem to be fairly important to the overall mythology)

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Mushroom Jones said...

I was reading Walking Dead #61 in bed while my wife was reading an old issue of Invincible. Such an odd sight to see her giggling while from page 3 to the end, I was just shuddering. Walking Dead is a grim, grim, book.