Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - April 30, 2008

BPRD Vol 8 Killing Ground TP (Another great Mignola/Arcudi/Davis BPRD arc)
Green Arrow Year One HC (Diggle and Jock can do no wrong together, this was a great mini)
Immortal Iron Fist #14 (Following up on last issue's cliffhanger, can't see how this will be anything but awesome... bittersweet, though, since it's one issue closer to the end)
Noble Causes #33 (I've read the first three issues of the five years later relaunch, and they're all very good)
Order #10 (Speaking of bittersweet... I expect it'll go out on a high note, I'm sad it has to go out at all)

Caliber #1 (King Arthur meets Western from new publisher, $1 comic... looks intriguing)
Daredevil Blood Of The Tarantula (One-shot, and I liked the previous Tarantula story from Parks/Brubaker, etc.)
Dc Universe Zero (Expect to be disappointed, but I at least have to give it a shot and see)
Fantastic Four Beginning Of The End TP (Collects the McDuffie stuff and the Beland one-shot, a good FF trade)
Gumby Vol 1 TP (Missed this one when it first hit, but I read parts of it on Chris Sims' blog and when Dan Grendell bought it, and it looks great... not going to miss my second chance to pick it up)
Hercules #1 (From the folks putting out Caliber, another $1 comic based on classic Hercules)
Local #11 (Yay! Finally, a new issue of Local!)
Magic Pickle GN (I've got all the old Magic Pickle stuff, but I love this weird bit of all-ages comics from Scott Morse)
Marvel Adventures Iron Man #12 (More on Stark's father, an interesting MA Iron Man subplot, plus obscure villain Kiber the Cruel!)
New Gods Action Figures (I don't buy many action figures anymore, but these Kirby-based figures look cool as hell)
Proof #7 (Enjoyed the first arc, but I'm liking the book even more now that the setup is out of the way)
Speed Racer Racer X Origins Collection TP (Dug these stories when Wildstorm put them out, hadn't realized they were Jo Chen art, so I'll definitely pick this trade up)
Teen Titans #58 (Pretty solid fun, approachable super-teen team stuff by Sean McKeever)
Teen Titans Year One #4 (Gorgeous art, fun story... nervous about the mopey solicits for #5-6, but I love what I've seen so far)
Thor Ages Of Thunder (I'm not a huge Thor fan, but I am a Fraction fan, and Zircher's art looks sharp)
Usagi Yojimbo #111 (Last issue with Gen and Usagi was one of my favorite issues in a while... Sakai continues to impress on this book, even after years and years of doing it)
Wildguard Insider #1 (Yay! Todd Nauck's fun reality TV superheroes are back for a new mini!)
X-Men Legacy #210 (Still not entirely sold, still mildly curious enough to read)

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