Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekly Comics to Come - April 23, 2008

Dynamo 5 #12 (One of my favorite superhero books)
Fables #72 (The last issue was *awesome*... can't wait to see what's next)
Northlanders #5 (Continuing the opening arc)
Uncanny X-Men #497 (Kind of a fun San Francisco based superhero thing)
Wormwood Calamari Rising #4 (Wormwood vs. evil squid monsters)

Previews Vol XVIII #5 (Down the Line on the way)
White Picket Fences Double Feature GN ('50s era sci-fi)
Wolverine First Class #2 (Fun, but I don't know how much life there is in the premise)
X-men First Class Vol 2 #11 (Continuity in-joke filled... kind of a weaker issue, actually)

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