Friday, April 13, 2007

Weekly Comics to Come - April 18, 2007

Batman And The Mad Monk TP (My favorite Batman story of the last few years, written/drawn by Matt Wagner)
Brave And The Bold #3 (Possibly my favorite DC or Marvel Universe superhero book at the moment)
DMZ #18 (Starts a new story arc, and I'm loving this book)
Ex Machina #27 (After the Smoke Smoke trade, I'm back onboard this one bigger than I have been since the beginning)
Spirit #5 (Another favorite, Darwyn Cooke continues to amaze)

52 Week #50 (Two weeks left until Countdown)
Daredevil Devil Inside & Out Vol 2 TP (Brubaker and Lark kick ass on Daredevil... still hoping for a hardcover, though)
Invincible #40 (Always fun, if erratic in shipping)
Last Sane Cowboy & Other Stories Gn (Daniel Merlin Goodbrey's experimental comics get a trade collection)
Manhunter #30 (Yay! Not cancelled! Now I just hope for a new trade announcement soon)
Marvel Adventures Avengers #12 (Ego Loves Earth! Jeff Parker continues to impress)
Nightwing Annual #2 (Marc Andreyko writes the story of Nightwing and Oracle's broken marriage promise)
Salon GN (Nick Bertozzi's artist noir about a serial killer hunting famous artists in Paris)
World War III (Weird that this is coming out before 52 concludes... curious but wary)

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