Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekly Comics to Come - April 11, 2007

All-Star Superman #7 (Another issue of this book is always cause for celebration)
BPRD Garden Of Souls #2 (Same here, and the first issue of the newest BPRD was great)
Fables #60 (Beginning a new story arc with the regular creative team)
Loners #1 (Interested in this Runaways spinoff, as I like the characters and the art I've seen)
Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol 5 Dr Death TP (Recently caught up with volumes 3 and 4, looking forward to re-reading more... pure pulp goodness)

28 Days Later The Aftermath (Caught the movie a few months back and really dug it, curious to check out this original follow-up)
All Star Superman Vol 1 HC (I'd be more excited about this one if I hadn't decided to wait and see if they do an Absolute edition of all 12)
Conan & The Midnight God #3 (This King Conan mini has been really good)
Dynamo 5 #2 (Solid first issue of an intriguing new superhero team from Faerber and another impressive artist find)
Fell #8 (It's a rare treat, but I enjoy it when it comes out)
Ferro City Vol 1 TP (Robot noir, great art and interesting story)
Garage Band GN (Beautiful art, interesting concept)
Hack Slash Vol 2 Death By Sequel TP (Lots of fun in this horror/action original)
Heroes For Hire Vol 1 Civil War TP (Want to give this one another chance, based on good buzz and the other work of the writers, who I like a lot)
Madman Atomic Comics #1 (Reviews have been mixed, but it's good to see Allred's Madman back)
Mr. Stuffins #1 (Teddy Bear secret agent from Boom!... curious to check it out)
Nova #1 (New cosmic level Nova ongoing... not my personal favorite version of Nova, but still probably pretty good)
Spider-Man Fantastic Four #1 (The operative word is fun, and the creative team (Jeff Parker & Mike Wieringo) definitely ought to be able to offer that)
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #17 (David Hahn picked up nicely on art, and McKeever hasn't lost a step either)
Thunderbolts #113 (Dark, satirical, and I'm mostly enjoying it)
Two Guns #1 (New crime comic from Boom!)
Uncanny X-Men #485 (Brubaker & Tan's Uncanny arc draws nearer to its close)
Wasteland #8 (Still curious to see where this one is going)
Wasteland Book 1 Cities In Dust TP (And looking forward to reading it in trade, where I think it'll read better)

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