Wednesday, April 09, 2003

On tonight's 24:

As the story goes on, I'm having less and less interest in every subplot except for Jack's, but I'm really enjoying that aspect of it. The writers have done a great job bringing in a couple players late in the game (Youssef and Mr. Coral Snake, whose name I can never remember) and turning them into interesting characters. And the gunfight was terrific, giving a real sense of confusion and danger but still showing off the skills of the protagonists. Kim's story reached something of an anticlimax for me when we learned that everything was OK after all, except her boyfriend dumped her... given that her boyfriend was the one who decided to try the crazy lighter stunt in the first place, I don't have a great deal of sympathy for him, quite honestly. The President's story is mildly intriguing, but it's mostly an off-shoot of Jack's story, and I kind of miss the "who can he trust?" elements of that story. I'm also finally accepting that we're not going to see Nina again this season, which is a shame because her involvement was some of the best TV 24 had to offer, and I was sort of looking forward to a showdown of sorts between her and Jack. Guess they want to keep her in the "recurring adversary" department. I'd certainly rather see her back next season than Kim.

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