Wednesday, April 30, 2003

On Angel:
Another great episode, as the story that built throughout the season comes to a very satisfying end, leaving the season finale to give a coda of sorts to the whole thing. I've seen some people excited that the end of Buffy will mean some of Buffy's writers will move over to Angel, but that prospect scares me more than anything... the writers of Angel have taken a show that I'd all but given up on at the end of last season and transformed it into one of my top five shows, while the writers of Buffy are writing the worst season that show has seen.

This episode did the impossible, in that it not only had me rooting for Conor, it had me feeling sorry for him. I no longer dread him returning as a regular cast member next season, because he now fits in much better with the theme of redemption that drives the show. And while I'd still like to see the supporting cast (especially the under-used Gunn) get more time in the spotlight, it's hard to argue when Boreanaz has developed into such a charismatic, likable and often funny lead. One of the other birthday gifts I received was Angel, and once I finish watching the Family Guy, I can't wait to dive back into season one and re-acquaint myself with the show, thanks to renewed enthusiasm from this season.

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