Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Hero Games: Champions: Millennium City - I've been waiting anxiously for this one to be released, since I'm running a campaign set in Millennium City, and I've been sort of keeping locations and details vague to avoid contradicting the source material later on. Not that I won't modify some of it for the campaign anyway, but I wanted to see what the originators had in mind before really mucking with it. This is a pretty nice sourcebook, with plenty of detail on the real Detroit and surrounding area mixed in with the fictional Millennium City. Highlights for me were the map of the districts of the city, more explanations of some of the technology, the exploration of local politicos and law enforcement personalities and of course the statistics for Dr. Silverback, everyone's favorite genius gadgeteer gorilla in the new Champions Universe. I was hoping for maps with a little more detail, and indeed a little more detail on some locations (a map of the university and a map of police headquarters and city hall in particular would have been great for the inevitable slugfests that will take place there), but overall I'm very pleased with the sourcebook.

There were of course a few typos and mislaid sentences, as has been the norm with the new Champions... minor irritations at best, although I did get sort of an ironic chuckle that one of the lines that was dropped ends with "Their help spotting typos" and errata reveals that the rest of the sentence involved "dropped words, and the like." Suppose that's why you should let the proofreaders read *everything*, even when you're thanking them in that sentence. :)

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