Monday, December 28, 2015

Best of 2015 - Graphic Novels

Last year I noted that I had a hard time coming up with even a top 8 for best original graphic novel. This year? I have six. Several of which I merely liked, and wouldn't necessarily have put on a more competitive best of.

  1. Rutabaga Adventure Chef
  2. Space Dumplings
  3. Sexcastle
  4. Our Expanding Universe
  5. Two Brothers
  6. Fall of the House of West

A lot of the collected editions I bought this year are collections of series mentioned in my other Best of posts (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, Descender, Birthright, etc.) but here's a list of my favorite collected editions not otherwise mentioned:

  1. Graphic Ink: DC Comics Darwyn Cooke HC
  2. Private Eye HC
  3. Ms Marvel Vol 1 HC
  4. Rat Queens Vol 1 HC
  5. Big Hard Sex Criminals HC
  6. Spider-Verse HC
  7. Grendel vs. Shadow HC
  8. Avatar The Rift Library Edition
  9. Astro City Private Lives / Lovers Quarrel HC
  10. Absolute Green Arrow HC
  11. Absolute Transmet Vol 1 HC
  12. BPRD 1946-1948 HC
  13. Star Wars: The Marvel Covers HC
  14. Suicide Squad Vol 1-2 TP
  15. Birds of Prey Vol 1 TP
  16. Robin Vol 1: Reborn TP
  17. Black Panther by Priest Complete Collection Vol 1-2 TP
  18. Bandette Vol 2 HC
  19. Sixth Gun Vol 2/Vol 3 HC
  20. Crogan Adventures: Catfoot's Vengeance
  21. Usagi Yojimbo Senso HC
  22. D&D Legends of Baldur's Gate TP
  23. Southern Bastards Vol 1 HC
  24. Wayward Vol 1 HC

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