Monday, May 21, 2012

20. Favorite New Series for February - April

Fatale #1-4 (I know I'm going to enjoy this more in collected edition, when I can get a handle on the whole story, but it's as good as everything else Brubaker and Phillips have done together)

Thief Of Thieves #1-3 (Great new crime series from Kirkman, Spencer and Martinbrough)

Conan The Barbarian #1-3 (Love the new direction by Wood and Cloonan, the super-scary take on Pirate Queen Belit is particularly nice)

Glory #23-25 (The story is a bit disjointed, but the artwork by Ross Campbell is gorgeous, and I'm digging the sort of apocalyptic vibe)

Prophet #22-24 (European sci-fi in all the good ways. Nice art by everyone involved so far, inventive and unusual story from mad genius Brandon Graham)

Saga #1-2 (Amazing new sci-fi/fantasy epic from Vaughan and Staples. Can't wait to see where this goes in the long run)

Saucer Country #1-2 (Quirky little book with great characters, I'm a little worried about sales and long-term survival. Easily my favorite of the new Vertigo launches)

Winter Soldier #1-4 (Solid little espionage/action book. The art is occasionally a bit on the busy side, but it's beautifully done, and I'm more interested in James/Black Widow than the real Cap at this point)

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