Saturday, May 05, 2012

16. Favorite Comics for February - April

I'll be doing a few more of these, broken down into single issues, new series and miniseries, but to kick things off on the eve of Free Comic Book Day, here are my favorite story arcs that I've read in the past three months:

Story Arcs:
Amazing Spider-man #678-679 (A great time travel two-parter, and I love Horizon Labs and their role in Spidey's life)

Amazing Spider-Man #682-684 (It's not perfect, but there's a lot to like on this newest Sinister Six story, including a great use of Silver Sable and Black Widow alongside Spidey, and more great Horizon stuff)

Animal Man #6-8 (Continues to be creepy and effective, and a nice counterpart to Swamp Thing)

Chew #24-25 (The conclusion of Major League is as messed up and hilarious as I expect from this book)

Resurrection Man #6-8 (Still really enjoying this Abnett & Lanning offering, as they take him to Gotham and explore his origins a bit more)

Avenging Spider-Man #6/Punisher #10/Daredevil #11 (The Omega Drive storyline, by Waid and Rucka, is a fantastic teaming of Daredevil, Punisher and Spidey)

Suicide Squad #6-8 (The Harley Quinn arc - A great new origin, loved seeing Deadshot and his team face off against Harley, and the "I'm still alive" moment with King Shark and Yo-Yo was hilarious and wrong)

Wolverine And X-men #5-6 (Wolverine and Quire in a space casino, Kitty pregnant with micro-Brood, and Stegman instead of Bachalo on art. This book suffers greatly with Bachalo's artwork, but when it's someone else, it's my favorite X-Book)

Daredevil #9-10 (The Mole Man arc, another villain whose blindness makes him an obvious and yet unusual choice, like Klaw. Waid continues to knock it out of the park, with some of the best artists in the business backing him up)

Sixth Gun #19-21 (The latter half of the latest story arc, which I continue to love. The silent issue, #21, is a particular highlight of the series thus far)

Fantastic Four #603-605 (The conclusion and coda to the biggest arc in Hickman's run. Fantastic (no pun intended) stuff, and I especially loved all the time travel and take on the Thing in #605)

Avengers Academy #27-28 (I like this book, but I'm not that fond of the characters. However, Gage did a great job with the Runaways, making me wish he'd do more with them in the future)

Swamp Thing #6-8 (Still enjoying Snyder's take on Abby, Swamp Thing and The Rot)

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