Friday, April 27, 2012

14. The Birthday Bragging Post

The worst birthday present I got this year was cancer. But I got a lot of really good presents, too, and mostly for my own purposes, I'm gonna recount what they were. This is a self-indulgent "I got cool stuff post" mostly for me.

Birthday Money:
I got some birthday money from my in-laws and my parents, and although at first I was going to plow it all into paying for the cancer, after consulting insurance and being told by all of them that it was birthday money, and that I was to spend it on birthday stuff, I went on a little shopping spree at Best Buy. And I got:

1. PS3 320 GB bundle (Uncharted 3 Edition) - I was gonna get the 160 GB version, but for $50 more I got a bigger hard drive and a copy of Uncharted 3, a game I was certain I was going to buy anyway. I bought this for two main reasons, to get a better Blu-ray player (success... I love it more than my clunky old Samsung) and Amazon Video streaming (moderate success, although it's been uneven, perhaps due to my Internet connection). I also bought the Bluray remote, which I love.

2. Disneyland Adventures for Kinect - The kids loved the demo, so I figured they'd like the game. Mostly they found it frustrating. *sigh*

3. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions - Rented this from Redbox a while back, liked it enough to pick it up now that it had gotten cheaper. But I forgot it was a bit on the glitchy side, so I've been playing it somewhat unevenly.

4. Beard trimmer - My son broke the last one, this one was about $50 and better quality than the one I had, and can also be used to cut hair, so it's gonna more than pay for itself.

Amazon Money:
Two of my friends gave me very generous gift cards to Amazon, largely to help fill up my new Kindle Fire (which I love). It's kind of amazing how fast you can spend a bunch of money on mostly digital stuff. But here's what I got:

1. X-Box 360 Mounting Clip - $6, holds the Kinect on really nicely. Should have bought this *months* ago.

2. Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Seasons 1-2 - Bought on a whim, because I wanted some Treehouse of Horror episodes, and I can watch them on my computer, my Kindle or my TV (through the PS3).

3. Sky Full of Holes by Fountains of Wayne, Immigrant Song by Trent Reznor & Karen O, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol soundtrack, Game of Thrones soundtrack, Treme Season 2 soundtrack - I've got a lot of music on my MP3 wishlist, this put a bit of a dent into it.

4. Across the Universe - $5 for a Beatles-inspired musical that I really dig and Netflix doesn't have on Instant anymore.

5. 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill and Beyond Outrage by Robert Reich - A couple digital books for the Kindle.

6. An episode of The New Girl that my DVR missed. Streamed it onto my PS3 and watched it as if I had it on the DVR, it was a perfect experience. Which makes me think the problems I've been having watching Simpsons are glitchiness on Amazon or PSN's part, not my network.

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