Wednesday, April 25, 2012

13. The Cancer Post

Huh. Weirdly appropriate that this would be post #13 of 2012.

I sometimes forget everybody doesn't have Facebook, where I talked about this last week. So for some of you, this will come as news.

On my 41st birthday, Tuesday, April 17th, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. It's stage 3, but it's contained, and the doctors are very optimistic that we caught it in time to eliminate it with nine months of radiation, chemo and a surgery.

Minutes after making the announcement on Facebook, I posted this:

Top 5 Good Things About My Birthday Cancer Diagnosis
1. Colonoscopy no longer the worst birthday present I got2, Losing my hair to chemo really a pretty small change for me.3, I have cancer = best universal excuse ever4, TV in my hospital room actually bigger than the one at home5.Morphine

Just wanted you guys to know I've still got my sense of humor.

So that's how I'm handling it. With an admittedly dark sense of humor and a lot of optimism. I'll try to update on the blog for those who aren't following me on Facebook (or who just don't do Facebook), but I can't promise that I'll actually update all that often.

But the upshot is this: I have cancer, I'm very confident I'm gonna beat it, and until then I intend to make the most of the comedic potential of butt cancer. Which I think we can all admit is pretty damned high.


Daryl said...

Randy, I've been reading your stuff forever (I can't even remember which site I first read your comic commentary on).

Wishing you all the best and a fast and full recovery!


Greg said...

I've been reading and enjoying your reviews, commentary and blog posts since the good old dial-up days. I'm very confident with your positivity and good sense of humor you'll beat this cancer hands down.

Best Regards,