Sunday, January 01, 2012

1. 2012 New Year's Resolutions

Huh. Been a while. Which leads me to resolution #1 in 2012:

1. Post at least weekly on my blog. My hope is to some kind of weekly comic book post, but I imagine as we start getting into election season I'll get drawn into political blogging, and that despite my outlets of LEOG (that's League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen on, TV Dudes & Loose Canon (on Lounge, I'll probably wind up posting on TV and other geeky stuff as well.

What lead me to start resolutions in the first place was my January 1st reorganization/clean-up of DVDs and Blurays, leading me to resolution #2:

2. Watch all of the Blurays and DVDs I have that are sitting unwatched on my shelf. I don't have as many Blurays, but there was a Christmas one or two years back where a lot of stuff wound up going, still wrapped, to the DVD shelf and I never got around to watching it. So the list I have to watch is as follows:

Breaking Bad Seasons 2 & 3 (I've seen the show, but not the special features)
Kick Ass (Saw in theater, but haven't seen since, plus special features)
Kill Bill 1 & 2 (Seen many times, but not special features, and haven't re-watched in a while)
Memento (Haven't seen in quite some time, plus special features)
No Country For Old Men (Re-watch, plus special features)
Rocketeer (Haven't seen in several years)
X-Men First Class (Haven't seen since the theater, haven't watched all the special features)
Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Haven't seen in a while, plus *tons* of special features)

Band of Brothers (Haven't seen in a few years)
Batman Beyond Seasons 1-2 (Re-watch, but I haven't seen since original airing in most cases)
Batman Brave and the Bold Season 1 and Season 2 Part 1 (Have watched parts of these, and seen all of them on original airing)
Blazing Saddles (Still wrapped, so I haven't seen this in a few years)
Breaking Bad Season 1 (Seen the show, but not special features, and want to re-watch anyway)
Casablanca (Still wrapped, haven't ever watched the DVD though I saw it at the Paramount again in 2010)
Chaplin (Never seen, and I'm a Robert Downey Jr. fan)
Community Seasons 1-2 (Have seen original airings, but haven't re-watched, plus there are tons of special features)
Crimson Tide (Still wrapped, so haven't seen in a few years)
Kids in the Hall Complete Series (I've seen a lot of these, but not all of them)
L.A. Confidential (Still wrapped, not sure I've seen this since I first saw it in theaters)
Lost Season 4 (Still wrapped, will probably use this as an excuse to re-watch the whole series)
Manchurian Candidate (2004) (Still wrapped, white elephant gift from a few years ago, never seen)
Monty Python's Flying Circus Box 6 (Still wrapped, may or may not use this as an excuse to watch all the Monty Python I've got)
Natural Born Killers (Never seen, got as a white elephant gift a couple years ago)
North by Northwest (Same)
Police Squad (Still wrapped, saw it when it was on TV, love it, looking forward to the revisit)
Predator (Haven't seen in many years, may or may not watch special features)
Profit Complete Series (Still wrapped, saw a couple episodes back in the day, always wanted to complete it)
Pushing Daisies Season 1 (Still wrapped, have seen all of it's original run, will use this as an excuse to re-watch the whole series)
The Shield Season 5 (Still wrapped, have seen all of the show, might use this as an excuse to re-watch the whole series, one of my all-time favorites)
Wonderfalls (Still wrapped, saw its original run on TV, will probably follow up by Pushing Daisies watch with this)

So... that oughta keep me occupied for a while. And this leads me to #3 on the list:

3. Catch up on all the graphic novels on my to-read pile.

And while I'm at it, resolution #4:

4. Catch up on the novels on my to-read pile.

So that's the catch-up plan. And I plan to continue the Cheers and Terriers re-watch on Netflix. Beyond catching up on my various forms of entertainment, there's the other stuff.

In 2011, I went from 197 lbs. in January to 170 lbs. now. I lost about 18 lbs. from fixing up my diet and exercise (that's good!) and then another 9 lbs. when I had food poisoning that turned into extended stomach nastiness (that's bad!) Leading to resolution #5:

5. Keep my healthy weight, hopefully get back to exercising and eating normally again

Plus, of course, all the usual stuff about being a good husband, dad, boss and friend.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a lot to get through. I've always meant to get into Rucka's books, but never had the chance. I've been reading Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books.

That Chase trade looks amazing! I think I know what I'll be using my discount at Midtown Comics for!

I'm eagerly looking forward to your blog posts and wish you nothing but the best!

- Jose Antonio Rivera