Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekly Comics - February 18, 2009

Super-light week. But it's a week in which the two new Urasawa manga were released, so that's OK.

Dynamo 5 #0 (Doesn't really get across the fun of the whole book, but it's a tasty little buck-priced snack that might entice folks to try out the trade)

Guardians of the Galaxy #10 (I keep thinking I couldn't be any happier with this book, and I keep being proven wrong. The use of Jack Flag is terrific, there's a lot of great action and I like the multi-layered plotting going on)

Uncanny X-Men #506 (Dr. Nemesis is growing quite tiresome, and the book feels like it's flailing a bit in terms of plot, but I still like the "mutant rescue"/San Francisco variation on the X-Men, and the Dodsons' art is pretty strong)

X-Men Legacy #221 (Really reminds me of why I liked the post-#200 X-Men, even though it was clearly on the decline. Fun continuity bits, good action, involving soap opera, nice art... probably completely unreadable to anyone who hasn't read X-Men for years and years, but if you have, it's kinda fun)

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