Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weekly Comics - February 11th, 2009

Batman #686 (Well, it probably won't live up to "Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow?" but that's a pretty high bar to clear. At any rate, it's a strong opener, with very good artwork by Andy Kubert)

BPRD The Black Goddess #2 (It doesn't really seem fair that Mignola has two books this good out in one week, but BPRD and Hellboy, while different, share a level of amazing quality, intricate yet approachable continuity and stunning artwork. BPRD remains one of the best comics published right now, period)

Dynamo 5 #19 (Missed this one last week. Nice action, good conclusion to the alt Dynamo 5 tale, the cliffhanger had me scratching my head trying to figure out what the tattoo meant)

Fables #81 (I've said before that Fables basically ended for me with #75, and I view this stuff as sort of an "alternate continuity," but this was an interesting issue for all of that, sad, occasionally brutal to some of its characters. And the bad guy... is that the tooth fairy?)

G.I. Joe #2 (It's a bit of a slow-burn, but I'm digging the slow build-up, really enjoying the artwork and just generally loving this new take on G.I. Joe)

Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #3 (Cool to see some familiar faces from early Hellboy stories, while the story itself is something new and interesting playing off the dichotomy of Hellboy's nature, and Fegredo continues to rock on art)

Incognito #2 (Wow. I loved issue one, but issue two is a stronger issue. The opening crook/lawyer scene was a great use of superhuman abilities on a classic mafia story trope, the twists and turns of "ordinary" life as affected by supervillains throughout are fascinating, and it's got a great cliffhanger. Plus another terrific pulp write-up, this time on Doc Savage, from Jess Nevins)

Punisher #1 (Picked up the second print on a whim to read, and it's a good opener, fun Punisher vs. Superman (well, Sentry, same dif) tactical stuff with nice, gritty looking art from Opena)

Thor #600 (Brian Hibbs oversells it just a tad, and I honestly only really liked the lead story as much as he clearly liked the whole book, but that lead story is pretty damn good)

Walking Dead #58 (Man, it's good, but... it may be getting too dark for a dad like me. I got enough horrible "what ifs" in my head already, I don't need more ideas for bad things that could happen... even if they're fictional)

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