Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well, this is disappointing...

...if hardly surprising. The Democrats have rolled over and given the OK to a secret court that could determine whether or not it's OK to wiretap foreign and domestic signals. Along with this article about "the art of compromise" it seems clear that the Democrats are little to no different from the Republicans, and no matter who winds up in office after G.W. Bush, it's probably not going to do anything to fix our severely broken government.

Our system of government is just truly and permanently fucked, isn't it? Riddled with corruption, controlled more or less by corporate interests and driven by a hundred different selfish agendas that have little or nothing to do with serving the interests of people they were elected to serve. I'm really starting to think that in my lifetime there's going to be armed revolution, a fascist government or a viable third party... and the third party seems really damned unlikely.


Suzanne said...

I think the secret court's been around since the '70s. FISA's the old law that gives 3 days to get a warrant after they've wiretapped someone. Bush has been ignoring even that. Now they've been allowed to keep ignoring that law when they're eavesdroping on foreign suspects. Less of a roll over but still stupid in my opinion.

Suzanne said...

This will probably make you even more unhappy with Congress.

handel said...

Yeah...looking into a terrorist who is in contact with someone in the U.S. is just awful, and stupid. Of course if something happens then you and all the others will probably say,"why didnt you do something"?!
Two wars happening here sweets.
1)The war against terrorists (dracula)
2)The war against their useful idiots-known as leftists (igors)

6 years without an incident. Must be doing SOMETHING right in protecting you and your family, huh? Or do you just think its happening by itself.
"useful idiots"

You may quote me.