Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The 2008 Presidential Election is gonna suck, isn't it?

Not since the Al Gore/GW Bush election in 2000 have I had such a dire feeling of "Death or Chi-Chi?" in my political choices. Seriously, if it's Clinton vs. Romney (or pretty much any of the Republican contenders of the moment) in 2008, I don't know if I want to vote. Because I honestly don't believe either one will represent me. And I've seen how well third party voting works out in 2000.

I mean, I knew Clinton was a cynical political operator even before this:

But now there's this:

If the next President isn't looking for an exit strategy from Iraq on day one, they aren't my candidate. But depressingly, it seems like the Democratic political machine is embracing Hilary, even though Obama or Edwards is probably a lot more electable with the rest of the electorate. It's the same kind of hive-bound, internal politics thinking that has gotten them to where they are today.


Johannes said...

Depressing. Yet more of the same from a corporate and establishment shill. I'm glad I kept my German citizenship. At least this way I don't have to be ashamed of my government. Well, currently that is. ;-)

-- Johannes

handel said...

Hmm. Yeah I think you need to vote democrat, randy.That is IF you are looking for the party that is wanting to hide their heads in the sand, lift their asses in the air and wisper "be gentle" to the terrorist as they slit your families throat and have thier way with you. Yeah...I think Democrat is your ticket.
Love your store, tho.

Randy said...

Are there a lot of terrorists running around Round Rock that I just haven't seen?

If you lived in New York and were buying into the scare tactics, I guess I could take you seriously... but Round Rock? Seriously? You're worried that the scary terrorists are gonna get ya?

Btw, I'm sure you don't mean it this way, but in both the comments you've made, I could easily take it as you *threatening* my family because of the way I choose to vote. As you can imagine, I have *zero* sense of humor for that shit.