Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekly Comics to Come - March 7, 2007

Captain America #25 (I'm nervous about the "big change," but excited to see what Brubaker and Epting will do, as always)
Criminal #5 (The end of the first arc, and this is easily my most anticipated book of the week... I'm so happy to be quoted on the cover)
Essex County Vol 1 Tales From The Farm Tp (Interesting new book from Top Shelf, I glanced at it during STAPLE! last weekend and it looked good)
Fantastic Four #543 (Anniversary issue, I believe, with a number of contributors including Paul Pope)
Shazam The Monster Society Of Evil #2 (First issue was among the best things I've read this year)

52 Week #44 (Still reading... will probably read Countdown... DC has their hooks in me)
Authority #2 (After this long of a wait, I honestly don't care... but I will at least give it a flip-through)
Borrowed Time #2 (First issue of this Oni series was amazing Twilight Zone-esque stuff, looking forward to more)
Dynamo 5 #1 (Promising new superhero with a twist series from Jay Faerber at Image)
Ex Machina Vol 5 Smoke Smoke Tp (Good storyline in this trade)
Fall Of Cthulhu #0 (Boom! does Cthulhu, and I'll be checking it out)
Manhunter #29 (Not cancelled - yay! Now if only they'd get a new number one to really promote it)
Marvel Zombies Army Of Darkness #1 (First was a guilty pleasure, with Layman writing this is gonna be pretty whacked)
Strongarm #1 (Interesting new Image series with manga-style art)

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