Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I have not, in fact, vanished from the planet. I have been doing three things:

1) Attending (and helping run) STAPLE!, which went great this year. Report to follow... eventually.

2) Running my shop - things going well, except that I am now preparing for federal income tax, and there is nothing I hate and fear more than dealing with taxes. My experience thus far this year is doing nothing to change my mind on that score.

Seriously. I'd rather go to the dentist, and I'm notoriously bad about going to the dentist.

3) Wasting time on the Internet. This one's mostly tonight, as I finally dove into about a week's worth of RSS feeds. But I did find some really cool stuff. Such as:

Josh Neufeld's work on A.D. After Deluge, a must-read story about Hurricane Katrina that features as one of its characters my friend Leo.

Self-proclaimed "art nerd" and creator of very funny posts and an amazingly cool steampunk re-invention of Star Wars Eric Poulton's blog.

There's plenty more, including some new features up at Act-i-vate, but those are a couple of links to look into where people are actually producing regular content, unlike me.

I have been reading graphic novels, but haven't posted Graphic Novel A Day posts for them. Tomorrow is a day off (mostly), so maybe I'll finally get to write some of those, and maybe write Down the Line for this month as well.

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