Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekly Comics to Come - August 16, 2006:
Since the First Look books are now more or less a thing of the past (sadly), I'm going to change up this weekly list from Already Read and Haven't Read Yet to "Top Five Picks" and "The Rest." Keep in mind that in almost all cases, this is based on speculation, not having read the actual books, and so my actual opinions could vary when all is said and done.

This was a tough week in which to start the new format, incidentally... because there are at least four more books that could have gone in the top five. If that continues, I might switch to a "Top Ten Picks." Or maybe "Top Eight" just to be different.

Marvel Adventures Avengers #4 (The Masters of Evil vs. The Avengers, in Marvel Adventures style... can't wait)
Phonogram #1 (Got a look at this in San Diego, and it looks great... like High Fidelity meets Hellblazer, maybe?)
Psycho TP (Dan Brereton work is always to be treasured... work that I've never read before is an even rarer treat)
Runaways #19 (After the developments in last issue, I can't wait to see what happens next)
Wasteland #2 (Great opener to what I think could be an indy phenom ala Walking Dead)

Adventures In Oz TP (Now that I've seen the hardcover, I really wish I'd ordered that... but the softcover looks great as well)
Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol 2 #5 (Finally, more AJB! This is one of my favorite books)
Bone Vol 4 Dragonslayer Color Edition SC (Late in getting this one, for some reason... but I've been really enjoying these newly colored volumes)
Boys #1 (I'm skeptical about a mature readers superhero book, which seems like a waste of these guys' talent... but c'mon, it's Ennis and Robertson, I have to give it a look)
Casanova #3 (Bizarre, action-packed, funny and beautiful to look at... another favorite)
Conan #31 (Mike Mignola's story arc concludes, and it's been a fun read so far)
Dummys Guide To Danger #1 (Hardboiled detective fiction in which the protagonist has a ventriloquist's dummy... weird, but the early reviews are good)
Family Guy Vol 2 (First one was surprisingly funny and kept nicely with the tone of the show)
Fell #6 (Another Ellis book that has fallen into the "you'll get it when you get it" schedule, but usually good when it shows up... maybe not worth the extra wait, but usually good)
Grounded TP (Liked Paul Azaceta's artwork on this book quite a bit... the story of superhero schools is unfortunately making the rounds in comics and films these days, and so it lost me midway through)
Manhunter #25 (This was to be the last issue, but instead it's the last issue before a new story arc... nice. Hope the sales boost to keep it around)
Monkey Vs Lemur Crisis With Infinite Critters #1 (One of my friends has a story in this one, and even better, it's Monkey Vs. Lemur... the first one, now super hard to find, was very funny and had great art)
Naoki Urasawas Monster Vol 4 (The suspense manga really got going in the last volume, I'm dying to see what happens next)
Savage Brothers #1 (Post-apocalyptic comedy and violence from Boom!)
Shadowpact #4 (Still not entirely sure I'm following this book or not, but it's got a quirky charm to it)
True Story Swear To God #17 (I believe this is the last pre-Image issue)

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