Friday, August 01, 2014

Monthly Update - July 2014

Comics I Read And Liked:
Afterlife with Archie #6
Amazing Spider-Man #1.3
Avengers Undercover #7
Chew Warrior Chicken Poyo #1
Daredevil #0.1
Daredevil #5-6
Elektra #4
Fatale #24
Guardians of the Galaxy Most Wanted
Hack Slash Sons of Samhain #1
Hawkeye #19
Lazarus #9
Legendary Star-Lord #1
Manifest Destiny #8
Ms. Marvel #6
Nailbiter #3
Rat Queens #7
Revival #22
Rocket Raccoon #1
Saga #21
She-Hulk #6
Spider-Man 2099 #1
Storm #1
Stray Bullets The Killers #5
Supreme Blue Rose #1
The Punisher #8
The Spread #1
Trees #3
Usagi Yojimbo Color Special
Velvet #6

Resolutions Update:

1. Don't die. Just to reiterate: Still accomplished
2. Read at least 12 books. Book books, without pictures. I read City Primeval by Elmore Leonard, which brings me up to 10 books in 7 months. I also set a goal for myself to read 52 books, including graphic novels, in 2014... I hit that in mid-July, so maybe I'll aim for the equivalent of two books a week. Also joined a friends' Reading Group on Facebook, which is encouraging me to do more reading.
3. Spend time with as many of my friends as possible, as much as possible. Check. Big visit out to Colorado, outings to the Thinkery, 24: Live Another Day viewing party, boardgame night, rejoined my old RPG group for biweekly Pathfinder and plenty more. 
4. Play at least 12 new board/card games this year. I was falling behind on this one, but I played an old school boardgame, Escape from Colditz, in Colorado, and had a boardgame night where I played The Resistance, Shinobi Wat-AAAH! and Cards Against Humanity, which brings me up to 10 for the year.
5. Stay under 200 lbs. I was at 202 at the beginning of July, so I've put myself on a diet... ish. Basically trying to eat lighter lunches, cut way down on soda, eat out less, cut down on carbs and snacking and exercise more to get below 200 again. I've been walking the dog most every night, using a pedometer to try and hit about 5 miles of walking every day. As of this writing, I'm at 196 lbs.
6. Travel. I packed the family into my parents' Honda Pilot and drove us up through Colorado Springs (where we visited old friends) to Denver to have a self-selected high school reunion with old friends and then Fort Collins to visit some college friends. I'm still hoping to get to New Orleans before the end of the year.

Where I Ate This Month:

1. Beaujo's Pizza
2. Il Vicino
3. Larkspur Burgers
4. Big Texan Steak Ranch
5. La Cosina Cafe
6. The Good Night
7. Jack Allen's Kitchen
8. Dang Banh Mi
9. Iron Cactus
10. Sushi NiNi

Stuff I Podcasted:

1. TV Dudes - Married, You're The Worst, The Strain, Simpsons, Rockford Files, Orange is the New Black, The Emmys and more!

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