Thursday, June 07, 2012

26. Favorite Mini-Series for February - April

BPRD Hell On Earth Long Death #1-3 (Another strong effort from the BPRD team. Honestly, the Hell on Earth story feels like it's getting a little sprawling with one-shots and minis, but when it's on, as it is in this mini, it's really on)

Huntress #5-6 (Beautiful art, fun crime story and intro to the new Huntress... now where's the trade, DC?)

Shade #5-7 (Loving this return to form from James Robinson with an array of amazing artists, cannot wait to buy the hardcover)

Lobster Johnson The Burning Hand #1-5 (Great pulp series with amazing art by Tonji Zonjic)

Star Wars Agent O/t Empire Iron Eclipse #1-5 (Fantastic new character, up there with Ostrander's
creation of Quinlan Vos)

Wolverine And X-men Alpha And Omega #1-5 (Brian Wood's self-contained tale within the world of Wolverine & X-Men is a really good examination of Armor, Wolverine and Quentin Quire)

Infestation 2 Dungeons & Dragons #1-2 & Dungeons & Dragons Eberron Annual 2012 #1 (I really want an ongoing set in Eberron, my favorite D&D world, and I wouldn't mind if it was from this writer and featuring this character, an inquisitive who first appeared in a few novels)

Villains For Hire #1-4 (A great wrap-up to the all-too-short Heroes for Hire run by Abnett & Lanning)

Strange Talent Of Luther Strode #5-6 (Strong, violent, unexpected finish. One of my favorite series of this and last year, can't wait to see the sequel in 2012)

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