Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Weekly Comics for April 28, 2010

Usagi Yojimbo #128 (Another great one-off story with Usagi as he travels around the country and meets a family... the Usagi/kid thing has been getting more focus since the introduction of Johtaro, and I find that really interesting)

The Terminator #2 (Really enjoying this so far... great art, compelling characters)

Marvel Zombies 5 #2 (The series is increasingly less about zombies and more about weird C-list characters working for A.R.M.O.R. - and I am totally OK with that)

The Guild #2 (Fun, great art by Rugg, interesting look at the early days of these characters)

GI Joe Cobra II #4 (Not as strong as the opener, but still really good)

A-Team War Stories Murdock (In a similar vein, not as entertaining as the Hannibal one-shot, but kinda fun)

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