Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekly Comics for April 7-14, 2010

Sweet Tooth #8 (Still loving this series, and I love that it's still in the setup phase, so there's plenty of mystery but also enough solid material to keep me interested)

Demo Vol 2 #3 (Strangely upbeat for a Demo story, a great visual bit that could only really work in comics the same way... Wood/Cloonan are an amazing team)

Marvel Zombies 5 #1 (Caught up on Van Lente's Marvel Zombies, and it's solid, entertaining stuff. This new inter-dimensional exploring anti-zombie task force has potential to be the most fun yet)

BPRD King of Fear #4 (Fantastic post-apocalyptic and pre-apocalyptic stuff, and Davis's work continues to be breath-taking. That fallen BPRD helicarrier is amazing)

Daytripper #5 (Loved the story, will definitely pick up the trade at this point, but... some of these are getting really depressing)

Daredevil #506 (Not sure I'm buying the big twist, but I continue to like seeing Murdock deal with the politics of the Hand)

Chew #10 (Wraps up the second story arc, and like Sweet Tooth, I love how much we've got but also love that it feels like there's a lot more story left to tell)

Unwritten #12 (Reminiscent of #5, my favorite issue of the series, this is a standalone in a Winnie the Pooh/Wind in the Willows style story)

A-Team War Stories Face (None of these one-shots have lived up to the fun of the first one, Hannibal, but this was kind of fun, and I'm itching to see Bradley Cooper play this role in the film)

Iron Man Legacy #1 (Given the success of Invincible, I'm not sure folks were clamoring for a second Iron Man title, but this is a pretty good first issue. I particularly liked Tony's war suit)

Iron Man Noir #1 (Seemed a weird call at first, but I loved this adventurer take on Tony, which is part Rocketeer, part Indiana Jones and all written by one of my new favorite writers, American Vampire's Scott Snyder)

Super Heroes Marvel Adventures #1 (Must be an Iron Man movie coming, huh? Given that this story focuses much more on Invisible Woman, and Iron Man's on the cover. This is a weird mix, a little like The Authority or The Ultimates in dealing with the dangers of super-powered beings, and a little Stan Lee in its team dynamics and personal stories. It's a strange team, a strange foe and a strange tone, but... I like it)

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