Friday, October 02, 2009

Weekly Comics for September 30, 2009

Between new TV starting up again, borrowing Arkham Asylum, a fairly light comic book week and a variety of other stuff, I didn't have any time to read comics last Wednesday, but I've caught a smattering in the last couple days. I need to catch up on my Boom! reading, as they had a couple of books this week I really wanted to read.

GI Joe Cobra Special (Really great coda to the GI Joe Cobra story. I'd love to see an ongoing exploring this grittier battle between GI Joe and Cobra, maybe switching POV between Cobra and GI Joe, from this creative team)

Usagi Yojimbo #123 (A bittersweet, very effective story going back to Usagi's origins and once again playing off Sakai's fondness for down endings with a touch of hope for everyone but Usagi - fantastic issue of the book)


Jim B. said...

Cobra was my first Joe comic ever, and I was very happy with the espionage angle, which I gather is not the norm for a Joe book. I've been considering buying the Origins trade, but am holding back. Your thoughts as a G.I. Joe veteran, Randy?

Your word "coda" is perfect; I expected a Chuckles revenge story, but this was unexpected... and really good. Best. Comic symmetry. EVER. Yes, even better than the "Fearful Symmetry" Watchmen issue.
Knowing nothing about Tomax and Xamot didn't hinder me, and may have helped since I had no expectations.

I understand there's a "Cobra II" series in the works; I do hope it's by Costa and Fuso. Fuso was especially well-suited to this story.

Thunderbolts 136 was a more traditional story arc wrap-up, competently but not spectacularly done. GL 46 was good, but so far nothing in Blackest Night has knocked my socks off. Well, maybe the zombie Dibnys.

Randy said...

I've got huge love for Larry Hama, but the GI Joe Origins that I read (only the first two issues, in fairness) didn't do much for me.

But then, I know some folks are digging that and not enjoying the Dixon GI Joe, which I thought was stronger.

Honestly? I'd recommend the GI Joe Classic books first. But that's the stuff I came into comics on, so I might have something of a blindspot as to whether they're good or not. Every time I've read them (which has been in the last couple years), they've held up for me.