Friday, November 07, 2008

Weekly Comics - October 29th and November 5th

OK, I got a little behind here, but in my defense, there hasn't been a really great week for comics in quite a while, and my enthusiasm for the weekly reads is at a low as a result.

For November 5th:
BPRD Vol 9 1946 TP (Fantastic, the only thing holding it back from being as great as the other BPRD stuff is the lack of Guy Davis, and Paul Azaceta is no slouch)
Fishtown HC (Beautiful art, compellingly creepy story, gorgeous production values)
Kull #1 (This was actually really great, very different from Conan, with nice art and a good fantasy vibe...maybe it's because I'm reading George RR Martin books again, but I was definitely in the mood for this kind of book and the creative team delivered)
Liquid City TP (Beautiful looking anthology out of Southeast Asia)
Question Vol 3 Epitaph For A Hero TP (More '80s zen noir, this book lives up to its rep)

Gemini #3 (Looong delay between issues, but still really good)
Gigantic #1 (Intriguing opener, fun genre, amazing artwork)
Marvel Zombies 3 #2 (Surprisingly fun, and I can actually see myself picking this up in collected format)
Notes Over Yonder HC (New Scott Morse - always welcome)
Warhammer Condemned By Fire TP (My favorite Warhammer Fantasy series yet)

For October 29th:
Empowered Vol 4 TP (Best volume yet of this sexy, funny series)
Northlanders #11 (Here's how I know this was a weak week for me... one of my top five is a book I'm three issues behind on reading now. I loved the trade, I'll definitely pick up volume two, but I'm not sure if I'm still reading in single issues)
Nova #18 (Very good, as always)
Usagi Yojimbo #115 (A particularly good issue of Usagi, with one of my favorite supporting characters and some awesome action)
Venice Chronicles HC (Travel journal with gorgeous art by Enrico Casarosa)

Avengers Initiative #18 (I've been digging this book, but I think I forgot to read this issue)
Incredible Hercules #122 (Ditto)

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