Saturday, November 03, 2007

Damn You, TV!

I had forgiven The CW for canceling Veronica Mars, at least enough to watch Reaper, which was getting good buzz. "I didn't see the pilot for the fourth season," I thought, "Maybe it just wasn't any good. After all, season three was a bit bumpy, to say the least."

Then Jennifer Armstrong at EW found the link to the two-part Veronica Mars mini-pilot for season four. And I watched it, and was reminded that thanks to the CW, we have Kristen Bell being misused on the increasingly awful Heroes, no Enrico Colantoni, no Tina Majorino... and none of Rob Thomas and crew's sharp writing.

I've been wavering on Reaper, haven't watched the last three episodes, and this decided it for me. I'm canceling the CW for a while, because clearly their executives wouldn't know a great show if it bit them on the ass.


Greg McElhatton said...

I did have to laugh that in the Veronica Mars Universe the requirements to be an agent have changed dramatically (grow up in an FBI family and these things jump out at you) but otherwise, yeah, what a shame.

I just dropped Reaper as well, but I must admit the bigger problem for me was that it feels like it's going nowhere... Maybe as a half-hour show I'd be more forgiving, but at a full hour, boy does it drag.

Randy said...

You know, making Reaper a half-hour probably would have solved a lot of its problems, actually. The formulaic nature of the plots probably wouldn't have been as big of a problem.