Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall Season: K-Ville & Chuck

Wow, is the Fall season looking bleak. There's literally nothing new I'm really looking forward to. I have Bionic Woman and Journeyman sitting on the Tivo thanks to Amazon Unbox, and nothing else to prevent me watching them, and I just can't work up the enthusiasm to watch. Even Pushing Daisies, which I expect to like, has two strikes against it: 1) I can easily see it being well-executed but not really what I'm looking for and 2) More importantly, even if it's good, it's probably going to have low ratings and get killed, as it sounds too weird to sell to the public.

I've seen two pilots thus far. I watched Chuck (thanks to Amazon Unbox) and thought it was OK. Mildly diverting. Had a couple mild chuckle-worthy moments. But the plots aren't smart enough, the action isn't compelling enough, the humor isn't sharp enough... it's solid, just this side of mediocre. And opposite How I Met Your Mother, so I doubt I'll be watching unless I start hearing a lot of rave reviews.

Tonight I watched K-Ville. I really wanted to like this one. It's got a good cast, reasonably solid direction, a *great* setting and production look... but it's some of the most cliched cop show writing I've seen. Worse, it's like they're trying to get every bit of New Orleans flavor in there in the most forced, cringe-worthy of ways. Inside of the first five minutes, I had heard just about every cop and New Orleans cliche there is. And there are two utterly pointless, utterly dull car chases. And With better writing, this show could be to New Orleans what The Shield is to L.A. But based on that pilot, I'm not holding my breath. It's not a bad show... it's just a disappointingly OK show, and up against Heroes, that isn't going to cut it. Alan Sepinwall has his review here, and he pretty much nails it.


haikumama said...

I'm with you on Fall TV looking bleak. However, I will say that IMDB has informed me Jason Katims, executive producer and writer for Friday Night Lights (also writer and executive story editor for My So Called Life, one of the best shows ever) is EP-ing several episodes of Bionic Woman.

So there's that.

Randy said...

I think I'm over Bionic Woman, and it hasn't even premiered yet. ;)

Katims does get mucho props for his previous (and current) TV work, but consider Glen Wong (of X-Files) and at least one other producer have already left/been fired, and I don't have any faith that anybody can turn the show around. This kind of thing really needs a strong vision from the beginning (ala Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica) rather than a bunch of guys coming in to do damage control.

Now if the show were actually about Katee Sackhoff as evil Bionic Woman 1.0, then we'd be talking. :)

Chad! said...

Hey Randy!

I enjoyed Chuck alright. I think it has a fairly amusing premise and it's always nice to see Adam Baldwin. Pushing Daisies, I thought, was excellent. Easily my favorite NEW fall show and a sure-fire watch each week.

Bionic Woman was beyond painful for me. I couldn't finish the pilot in the end. I tried OH how I tried. Good luck with it. I won't judge you TOO harshly if you end up digging it! ;)

Randy said...

It sounds like those who've seen the second and third episodes of Chuck think it gets stronger, so I'm going to give it a little time... there were promising moments in the pilot.

Looking forward to Pushing Daisies, although I'm not as excited about it as I expect to be. I'm a die-hard Bryan Fuller fan, I've got both boxed sets of Dead Like Me (which I know he wasn't involved with the whole time), the complete Wonderfalls and I pretty much will follow him anywhere... but for whatever reason, I'm not jazzed for Pushing Daisies.

Part of it is probably the feeling that even if it's great, it's going to get critical love and no attention and get canceled.

As for Bionic Woman... given the amount of bad buzz, and how many episodes of Dexter I've got to catch up on, I'm honestly not sure I'm even going to watch it.

Sumit Jain said...

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